Welcome on the official website of the illustrious A. M. Schițescu, world renowned advertiser and graphic designer. The works of the honourable Mister S. have been published in all important capitals of the globe, from London and Cambridge, to Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv and Shanghai. The following destination: Bucharest, Romania! Discover the story of Schițescu and the reason why all prestigious companies have chosen to work with him!

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Our previous customers’ reviews

“A true professional: from the work to client communications and identifying his or her needs! Cuabur(.)ro and El Bandido are grateful! When it comes to top quality graphics and marketing, we full-heartedly recommend Schițescu.

Thank you and we will keep in touch!”

Sebastian Tanase

Director, Cu Abur

“Very creative and distinctive and unique graphic design from the graphics maestro! Very high quality work in brand identity for start-ups, logo design, and the general branding/marketing work. The cartoon style is exceptional.

A pleasure to work with as always.”

Michael Spencer

Director, Cruisetech

“Very creative from the very start and professional to boot as well. If I were to use one word to describe, I would say “unique”. Hired them to produce materials for a student election and they were amazing!”

Bogdan Cârmaciu

VP International, University of Essex

“Because Schițescu is more than just a brand! Schițescu is history! Schițescu is the spiritual father of Taxiului cu Bomboane!”

Roman Ion Cristian

Founder, Taxiul Cu Bomboane

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